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Environmental Vision Norway is in the forefront in developing new sustainable ecofriendly solutions for the fish farming industry. We focus on the key elements to make the fish thrive and grow in fresh and clean open waters all around the world.

EVN has developed patents that makes it possible to farm fish in a safe, low cost and ecofriendly way out on the open ocean.

The patents are to be used in a vessel at anchor, and we offer tailor made vessels designed and dimensioned by top Norwegian engineers to each location.


The patent is used on vessels at anchor. The turret prinsiple is preferred due to safety! When the poweful waves begin to work, the mooring automatically starts to tilt up the front of the bow due to the patent. No motor or external power is required. The waves does all the work!

The bow is then linked to an fully automated barge with feed, motors, power banks, waste handling system and everything else that you need to ensure flawless automatic operation for more than a month! The surveillance detects any deviation, and countermeasures are activated and reported to the technical staff on shore. Behind the barge you will find the fish nets attached with some distance between them all to ensure fish health and growth.

Each vessel is custom made for a spesific location, but in Norway we recommend a vessel size of 50m width times nearly 500m length that will be able to handle 1500 000 Atlantic salmon!

Due to security reasons we can not openly share all the details of the patent and the vessel, but we recommend you to contact us if you want to farm fish in the open ocean!


The sea currents, an even the currents resulting from strong vinds, are sometimes making a negative inpact to the fish in the pens.

If the sum of currents exceed the maximum flow that the fish can handle, then you must reduse the currents by shielding or move the whole pen into more calm waters.

EVN has patented the current shields and offer our know how and products to fish farming companies all over the world.


There is a lot of solutions avaliable to handle high waves. But our solution is the only floating device able to handle up to 30m high waves! It is also the most cost effective floating vessel with a ridgid and safe protecting frame!
A vessel at anchor is easy to move from site to site, and with our technology you can even think about using international waters!

Choose Environmental Vision Norway if you need a safe vessel in which the fish will grow fast due to plenty oxygen, current control and a structure prepared for the unexpected!

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