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Harvesting the wind

Between a high pressure and low pressure meteorologic system there will be a movement of air. This movement is what we call wind.

These wind forces can be quite powerful, and people have been building windmills for hundred of years. In modern days these windmills has become much bigger and some are around 200m high including the rotor with blades. This size is much bigger than the famous London Eye.


Advantages of wind power

The wind blows anyway, and why not use its power to our advantage? Sure, high wind speeds are negative for a number of reasons, and if we harvest some of its power then we will moderate the highest and damaging wind speeds. Wind power harvests energy from a renewable source, and compared with normal coal power plants it is really a invironmental friendly solution.

Disadvantages of wind power

The lifetime cyclus of the windmills is estimated to be around 25 years. After that time they have to be dismantled and transported to a safe location to be recycled. However, recycling of the gigantic blades are still difficult as they consists of GRP (mainly polyester and glass). So far, the only way to handle those materials is to burn them or bury them.

Another dilemma is that the companies running these windmills might choose to go bankrupt, thus making the environmental issues a local problem..

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