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Energy for the near future

The growing economy is demanding more energy, and while nuclear plants and coal fueled power plants in Europe is being shut down the price for natural gas is skyrocketing.

Russia are keen to export natural gas to the EU and China, but is is to little to late to prevent prices on electricity and fertilizers to surge.

Is it possible to merge large quantities of gas into excisting pipelines from Norway within just a few years?

Since Russia went to war against Ukrain, the political leadership in most of the EU countries have become very negative to continue to buy Russian oil and gas and want to end this trade.

From coal to gas

Synthetic gas is being produced large scale in USA and China based on coal.

West of Norway there are gigantic coal deposit 200 meters beneth the ocean surface and 2000meters under the sea bed that right now not is being used. The Norwegians are world champions in drilling beneth the sea bed and transporting natural gas through pipes in long distances.

By inserting oxygen into these occurrences it will be possible to produce hydrogen and methane mixed with CO2. After condensing the CO2 away, the rst of the synthetic gas can be transported in pipelines down to EU counties. How big might these coal reserves be?

The Norwegian master of science and specialist in simulation of geological prosesses in  petroleum system analysis Hans Borge states that it will be enough coal in these subsea coal reserves, producing synthetic gas, to cover the energy needed worldwide for many hundreds of years. Investments needed to get the production flowing is limited. The pollution stays beneth the seabed in the existing coal pockets.

Why not start production straight away?

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