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The right focus on environment

There is a lot of focus on environment these days.

COP26 has just ended and concluded that they shall try to reduce the consumption of coal and other fossile fuels to perhaps reduce the possiblity to exceed the 1,5 degree global temperature increece goal.

One have to ask if this is possible when most countries have some kind of democratic government, and therefore must try to please the population to get re-elected.

What is most important?

Of cause it is important to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gasses, such as CO2 to prevent the melting of glaciers and subsequently ocean level rising. But is it more important than preventing mass starvation?

Mass starvation is the consequence of using our limited known resources of phosphorus on boulding batteries in stead of producing fertilizers for growing food. One have to ask the question if it is more important to prevent the rise of ocean levels than the death of millions in our worlds most poor countries?

EVN focus now more on key issues regarding preventing our media, governments and environmental institutions promoting batteries that uses minerals of limited occurance. This to prolong the time we have left to produce large volumes of fertilizers.

What is our future?

Where will the path we follow lead us?

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