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Our own products are the Wave Master and the smaller manual version Typhoon Master.

We also provide polyethylene products from our cooperating partner in China,

In addition we also sell European produced top quality anti cut gloves!

The Wave Master is a fully autonomous fish farming vessel that handles over 25m high waves, the strongest winds and challenging ocean currents.

The Typhoon Master is a manual operated fish farming vessel, based on the same patent as the Wave Master, but designed for lower waves and ocean currents.

The polyethylene products we provide from our cooperating partner to our clients in Europe are of high quality an they are recyclable.

The European produced Anti Cut gloves are used world wide!

Environmental Vision Norway is a company that developes techniques and solutions to increase productivity in an ecofriendly way.

The Wave Master shown above can safely farm fish in higher waves, in stronger currents and at a lower cost than any other installation.

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